Bombette are small meat roll made with the pork collar and filled with Capocollo and Provolone cheese (or Caciocavallo cheese). They are originally from Puglia but they are now famous everywhere in Italy. Everybody loves them. They are perfect for a BBQ but also they are amazing roasted or slow-cooked with tomato sauce.
What’s the only problems with those little beauty? Once you start eating them, you can not stop!

Here at Nonna’s Lab you can find them in the classic version (Capocollo and Provolone), but also with Mortadella and Taleggio or ‘Nduja (spicy Calabrian sausage) and Provolone.


Weight: 500 gr

INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold): pork, Capocollo (or Mortadella or ‘Nduja), milk (Provolone cheese or Taleggio), parsley, salt, pepper.

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Mortadella and Taleggio

'Nduja and Provolone

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