Rocket and almonds “Pesto”

This kind of pesto has a quite recent history. You don’t really find it in cook books but it is becoming very common and requested in regions like Puglia (in the South of Italy) where wild rocket and almonds are found pretty much everywhere. Extra virgin olive oil made with top-quality olives is another key ingredient for this sauce.

The Pesto di Rucola e Mandorle is very versatile: you can spread it on toasted (or not) bread, use it as a condiment for pasta salad or warm it up and use it as pasta sauce.


Nonna’s Lab suggests to try it with some “Pane Casereccio” as Aperitivo, or with our spaghetti or fusilli pasta.

Portions: 4 people


Weight: 200 gr

Suitable for: vegetarians.

INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold): rocket, basil, milk (Pecorino Romano, Grana Padano), nuts (almonds)

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