Salsiccia e funghi (Sausage and mushroom) sauce

As mentioned in the description of our “salsiccia a punta di coltello”, it is used in pasta sauces. One of the most loved and consumed sauces in Italy is “salsiccia e funghi” (Sausage and mushrooms). This creamy sauce is perfect with some Pappardelle, Tagliatelle or Caserecce pasta. This condiment for pasta is perfect for your summer picnics, but also for your winter Sunday lunch.


Nonna’s Lab suggests trying this wonderful and rich sauce with our Pappardelle or Casarecce pasta.


Suggested portion: 2 people.

Weight: 300 gr.

INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold): pork, mushrooms, milk (cream), garlic, dry porcini mushrooms, fennel seeds, white wine (sulphites), parsley, salt, pepper.

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