Burrata Pugliese

Burrata is a kind of mozzarella invented in Puglia, in the South of Italy. It's made with cow milk, but its peculiarity is that instead of being a ball of mozzarella, as usual, this cheese is made with a mozzarella skin filled with fresh cream and shredded mozzarella that makes the flavor unique.

Everybody goes crazy for the Burrata and loves to eat it in their aperitivo, or with some focaccia. it's also amazing for cooking. We love Burrata just like that and with a piece of our semola bread.

We slice all our charcuterie freshly when ordered to keep the flavors at their best, just like in every real Italian "Salumeria"

The prices are for 125g of product

Allergens in bold: Milk

Product unavailable.

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