Black olives patè

“Paté di olive” comes from the Central of Italy, more specifically between Umbria and Tuscany where stunning olive trees are everywhere. With so many olives, farmers had to come up with more products than just olive oil. So they started making a “paté” with olives, mincing really thinly with a touch of garlic, salt and some olive oil to make it a bit smoother. In this regions, they eat the “paté” treat spreading it on some homemade bread.

The “paté di olive” is now a delicatessen found everywhere in Italy, from North to South. It’s quite common to have it as “Aperitivo” before dinner.

Nonna’s Lab suggests eating this amazing product with some of our Ciabatta bread or Pane casereccio. This simple, but yet delicious treat will immediately become one of your favorite Aperitivo foods or starters.


Weight: 200 gr.

Suitable for: vegans, vegetarians.

INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold): olives, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt.

Please keep the product refrigerated.

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