Who we are
From our family to yours

At “Nonna's Lab”, we are Italian cuisine and tradition experts. We can’t wait to share our love and pride for Italian food made by the experienced hands of our chef. We want to show you that our pasta dishes and focaccia are more than mere food: they represent traditions handed down from the past to the present, they tell the amazing stories about our culture that made the Italian cuisine famous all over the world.

Our mission

Our philosophy can be summed up in just one word: simplicity. After all, that’s what Italian cuisine is: fresh and simple ingredients, cooked in a typical way by ordinary people! At "Nonna's Lab” we believe that it’s enough to serve happiness on a platter. With our love and passion, we strive to deliver the best food to the doorstep of our clients. That’s what an Italian family does.

We are pasta artisans

We are pasta artisan because we are committed to provide the best quality of pasta, this is the reason why we only use bronze dies (in Italian “trafile in bronzo”). Why does that matter, you may ask. When you will see our pasta, you will immediately notice a rough and porous exterior surface. This unique texture, that only bronze-cut can produce, is what allows our pasta to “hold” better any sauce, making any bite a pleasure for the palate. Thanks to this traditional technique and the best quality ingredients, we will deliver to you a great Italian pasta experience.

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